Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ninja Party!

I'll bet you thought this post was about Jake didn't you? Guess again...

Evie decided that today was a good day to dress up like a ninja. But then it was a case of all dressed up like a ninja with no place to go. So she decided to have a ninja party! What is a ninja party you might ask? I thought that it would involve a lot of jumping around and saying "hi-ya!" like Miss Piggy. I was wrong.

This is her "Would you like sugar with that?" face. Too cute. Then she decided to put on her "hear-phones" to listen to some music.

I wish so badly that I was able to snap a shot of her the first time she put them on this morning. She pulled them down around her neck and then pushed them up on her forehead, her hair looked like a cross between Flock of Seagulls and Pippi Longstocking. I also missed a photo op of her wearing a hospital gown we have, she calls it her pretend Doctor clothes. I call it her "escaped mental patient" look.

I love this girl, she keeps me giggling all day long. I need to keep the camera charged and closer to hand when she is around.


Amanda said...

A ninja party--how funny! I got a kick out of the "hear-phones", too.

Mandy said...

Oh man what fun our girls could have on a daily basis if only given the chance, that ninja outfit is rockin!