Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's 1 am... why are you still up?

I hate nights when the baby refuses to sleep. Most of the time she is an angel, we do our night-time routine, we kiss her night-night and she is out. But teething throws a major wrench in the works and then we are all miserable. She'll lay in our bed and whine for hours or only fall asleep draped across my head like a cat. Tonight after three hours of fussing and fighting we broke out the infant tylenol. Two hours later I have come to the conclusion that it has had the opposite effect to the one I wanted. Instead of calming Lila and relieving the pain to point where she can fall asleep... she. Is. WIRED!

This is what happens with a sleep-deprived mommy and a doped up one year old...

'Sup my homies? (I really need to work on getting Evie to put away her church clothes instead of leaving them on the floor...)

No Mom, I do not want to play cops and robbers.

What do you mean your back hurts? Why would anyone lay on the ground unless its time for an airplane ride?!

Okay, I'll roll around on the floor too... oh look! Toys!

Who needs a dog? I can balance and chew at the same time!

I am hilarious!

Oh look! Feet.

Mom. Enough with the camera already.


Maybe if I can't see her...

A perfect disguise!

Dang paparazzi!


Emilie said...

For the sake of my entertainment lets hope for one more night of no sleep.

Of course that's not what I really hope for for you....kind of. I mean, your kids are just so funny and it get amplified with less sleep.

I'm just sayin'

Mary said...

Oh my goodness! She just kept walking with that thing on her head! Silly girl. :) I'm glad that it was at least entertaining for you since you had to be up.

Catherine said...

I feel for you. I can't wait for all of these teeth to be in!! At least it doesn't look like she is screaming at you the whole time :) Maybe we should have a "done with the teething" party here in a few months.

Dinee said...

That sucks! I hope she's sleeping better now.

Kamra said...

LOL! It's moments like this that we cherish being a mom!!! What a cutie! Don't worry, the teething will pass... but let's hope she doesn't make a habbit of wearing a bucket on her head! Can you imagine what she will be like as a teenager if she is this crazy now! Oh no!