Monday, April 18, 2011

Random thoughts on a uneventful day...

Today I was the slowest person at the gym. Like, they started the next class before I could finish the workout, kind of slow. I am just happy that I finished and did every last rep and round of the workout.

I am really worried that I might be the last person at the gym again tomorrow... and the only one using a calculator to figure out how to decrease the barbell weights by 20% each time.  I can't do percents before seven in the morning...

Someday I hope to be able to do the 400 meter runs without sucking wind like a cart horse.

Every time we run I can't help but think, "If this was a pack being chased by a large predator situation, I would definitely be the first one eaten."

I loved coming home to find Lila and Brian snuggling in our bed, but awake and whispering and listening to the rain fall.

The only thing my kids ate today was soup and popsicles. I will be so glad when the warm weather is here to stay and the head colds are done!

I love snuggling up with a book when it is raining outside. With warm socks on.

It never ceases to amaze me how completely destroyed a kitchen can become in less than three meals.

I also struggle with understanding why my children insist on playing on the stairs instead of the giant, well-stocked playroom, and thus leave a trail of stuff on every. single. stair.

I have to admit that I love having my children home with me all day and not having to go anywhere in the rainy weather. 

It was fun playing a card game with Jacob, now that he is big enough to hold his own cards and not have to play them face up on the table.

I realized today that it is about time I teach Jacob how to play gin (the card game). 

That means I need to buy a new deck of cards. And perhaps a lock box to keep them in, and the children out.


Emilie said...

Sorry about the gym. I totally know how you feel. Good for you for kicking the workout in the rear end and completing it!

Dinee said...

The point is you finished the workout so way to go. I didn't know you were running-good for you! I have to wait til payday to come back to the gym (end of this week) but I'll run with you when I get back. I don't go all.

Sarah said...

I hate running period. I laughed at the predator comment, is that bad? I have a feeling your ok with it so I may just laugh again.