Monday, August 20, 2007

The other day I gave Evie a handful of these snacks, that are basically baby cheetos, when I came back in the room this is how she was holding them. I don't know where she learned this, but I hope she unlearns it soon!

I'm am soooooo sick of listening to my son arguing! With me, his dad, even his toys if no one else is talking to him at the moment. Everything has to be a negotiation or a discussion with him. (And yes, I have tried the "because I'm the mom and I said so!" routine.) Tonight we had to go gas up the cars and wash my jeep because the boys went "four-wheeling" this weekend. (That means they drove in the mountains for awhile, which is all this nervous mommy allows.) We also stopped by the video store which took much too long because I wouldn't allow Jake to rent any of the video games they had in stock. As we got in the car he asked what was for dinner and when I told him, his immediate response was to start complaining that he didn't like it and wasn't going to eat it. So I flagged down my husband and moved Jake to his car, because I was trying really hard to not lose it. The last stop was the car wash and while Brian washed the jeep I waited in his car with the kids. As soon as I got in with the baby, Jake started by saying, "Mom, I'm sorry I made you mad, buuuuut.... you see, I just really don't like that food and it doesn't taste good and I have a cold still and that's why it doesn't taste that good to me...." (You understand if you've ever had a conversation with a four-year old, they speak in run on sentences.) I told him he should probably stop talking because he was already on my crap list. When we left the car wash Jake told his dad that I wouldn't let him talk to me because he was complaining and he was "already on my crap list". So I apologize in advance if my son ever tells you you're on his "crap list", that was probably not a concept I should have introduced him to. Hey at least I didn't swear....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This morning Jake and I were watching the food network and as they panned across a bunch of chefs dressed in traditional white aprons and chef's hats Jake said, "Look mom, they're wearing pants on their heads!" His observations of the world always crack me up. Once, when he was 2 years old, we stopped to gas up our car. My husband got out to pump the gas while we waited in the car. Jake was listening very intently, then he looked at me with a worried expression and asked, "Mommy, is Daddy peeing on the jeep?!"

Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to Evie! She just turned one. We had a little party with some friends and family. The most exciting part of the whole night was that she took her 1st steps and all the grandparents were there to see it! But she is a stubborn little thing, she could walk if she wanted to... but she doesn't. She does however like to climb. We had to keep piling totes and furniture to try to corral her in the living room, as you can see from this picture the bar stools didn't work too well. She kept getting inside them and couldn't figure out how to get out!