Monday, January 21, 2008


This is my first tagging, so I hope I am doing this right.....

ABC's of you. Each player then tags other people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment, letting them know they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

A: attached or single? Attached

B: best friend? Dinee

C: cake or pie? Pie is usually mutilated fruit, so I prefer cake.

D: day of choice? a holiday, any holiday

E: essential item? a good book and a stash of chocolate.

F: favorite color? depends on what it's for, I am really liking oranges lately though.

G: gummi bears or worms? no, chocolate.

H: hometown? Centerville

I: indulgence(s)? Bath fizzies, snugly jammies, expensive yarn and chocolate.

J: January or July? Can't choose, they both have great holidays.

K: kids? Jacob, 4 going on 24, and Evie, almost 18 months. (Hooray for nursery!)

L: life is incomplete without? Cuddling with my kids, they way they smell after their baths, my son's hilarious observations about life, and laughing with my husband.

M: marriage date? January 19th, 2001 (yup, that is 7 years for those of you who are counting)

N: number of siblings? Two, my brother, Josh, and my sister, Caite.

O: oranges or apples? Clementine tangerines and Honeycrisp apples (they are the sweetest apple I have ever tasted! and they are only available for a few months in the fall. Cameo apples are a close second when Honeycrisps are out of season.) I love fruit, but only in its whole and natural state, nothing cooked and mutilated...

P: phobias or fears? Deep water, heights and falling from them, and being a single parent.

Q: quote(s)? Best movie quote of all time, from "The Quiet Man" (said with an Irish accent), "Do you see that road over there? Well, don't take that road it will do you no good."

R: reason to smile? Buying a new house and moving in after 3 weeks of DIY!

S: season? Fall, I love the way the air smells, cool and crisp. (Plus the Honeycrisp apples are in season!)

T: tag three? Kim (mom), Josh, and Tiffany

U: unknown fact about me? I can't fall asleep unless I have turned over at least 3 times.

V: vegetarian or oppressor of animals? I try to oppress at least one animal a day.

W: worst habit? Procrastination.

X: x-rays or ultrasound? Ultrasound

Y: your favorite food? My dad's cooking.

Z: zodiac? Aquarius

Friday, January 18, 2008

Parenting Truth #167

My kids have a lot of toys. As you can see from the chaos of their room, too many toys for our two-bedroom apartment. (I won't show you the rest of the house, it is too embarrassing but there are toys everywhere....) And my husband and I aren't even the ones responsible for such an amazing stockpile. Our kids are blessed with two sets of loving grandparents and on my side of the family with being the first and only grandchildren so far. So they also have aunts and uncles that spoil them. But I had to laugh this morning because for all the overabundance of things to play with they have spent the last hour playing with a box. A cardboard box. A brown, cardboard, moving box. (We are getting ready to move into our new house in about a week so there are boxes everywhere the toys aren't.) This made me think of one of those parenting truths no one ever tells you. No matter how much you spend on a toy for your child, they would much rather play with the box it comes in. I'm thinking that is something the toy manufactures don't want us to know.....

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Potty Mouth

Evie is now 17 months old, (yea! one more month until nursery!) It seems like everyday she learns some new words. But here are a few things she says that remind me how nice it is when they can't talk back. I don't know where she learned this from, but whenever you call her name she doesn't come running.... she yells back, "what?" Drives me crazy. And of course one of her favorites is the word "no", but she mostly uses that with her brother. Which is kind of sad because he is really good at sharing with her, the little stinker. But the best (or worst) one right now is the way she says "sit", because it is kind of a combination of sit and chair so it comes out like "shit". (Sorry to offend anyone, but that is what she says) It is especially embarrassing in church as she hasn't learned to whisper yet and there are a lot of chairs to choose from. Tonight it was particularly appropriate though, every night before she gets in the bath she wants to sit on the toilet like the rest of the family. A precursor to potty training, I hope. Tonight I was holding her on the toilet and asking if she could go pee-pee, she looked down at the toilet for a moment, then looked at me and very clearly stated, "Daddy shit!" What can I say, that is where he.... um, sits.