Thursday, December 27, 2007


Every year Uncle Kaleb gets Jake the biggest,

coolest, most awesome toy for Christmas. Two years ago it was a Nerf gun (and all the grown men spent the rest of the night chasing each other around the house shooting each other....), last year it was a robotic dinosaur, this year it was an amazing tool bench with all kind of tools and pieces to build things with. And as if that wasn't enough he also took Jake to his very first Jazz game! Jake has really gotten into watching basketball with his dad, he loves to tell us the scores and how much the Jazz are winning or losing by (his math skills blow my mind). When Kaleb told him last night that they were going to the game at the "Jazz Arena" Jake was so excited he couldn't even breathe for a moment. His eyes got bigger and bigger, his jaw dropped, and his whole little body was quivering in excitement! "Mom! I get to go to the Jazz game!!!" So tonight Brian and Jake went to the game with Kaleb and Liz, and they had a great time! They said he couldn't take his eyes off the Jumbo Tron, even though they were sitting on the eighth row center court! And he got a brand new Jazz shirt at the game, so now he told me I have to call him AK47 when he wears it. It was an experience he'll never forget, Thanks Uncle Kaleb!

Merry Christmas to all....

We had a great Christmas this year! These kids were totally spoiled by both sides of the family, who knows where we are going to put all the cool new toys, books, games and clothes they got. It was also a great time to pause and reflect on how important our families have been in helping us through the tough times this year. So this is just a small way to say.... THANK YOU!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Lights

Tonight we went to see the lights at Temple Square with our family. Jake is loving all the holiday decorations people put on their houses this year, so he was really excited about going to see the lights. He said that their were about "a hundred million thousand" lights on the trees. And his favorite thing about going to Temple Square and seeing the lights was.... "the red ones." So, there you go. He has started a new thing as we are driving around, when ever we pass someone who has a lot of lights on their house he says, "Oh what a heavenly light." (If you've never seen A Tuna Christmas you really should....) After the lights we went back to Pa Dave and Mima Kim's for hot chocolate and cookies. All in all, a very enjoyable holiday outing.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Pillow Fight!

They say a picture's worth a thousand words, so I think this one just about says it all. Well, and this one too.... (just ignore Jake's eyes, he really isn't possessed!)