Monday, October 20, 2008

I've been tagged!

Oh! I feel so loved, someone out there (aka Haylee) wants to know all about me!

1. My average time for finishing a project is about 2 years (again... Haylee, sorry) so take that into account if you are thinking of asking me to hem a pair of pants.
2. My current obsession is figuring out how much to cook so that there are no left-overs! My family won't eat them and I hate wasting food.
3. I never make my bed unless company is coming over, and company only really includes complete strangers that I want to impress with my fastidiousness, not those of you who I already know love me and feel comfortable and at home in my mess.
4. I can fit an amazing amount of dishes into the dishwasher, which mad-arranging skills I attribute directly to hours spent playing Tetris.
5. I am unbeatable at California speed. I do pretty good at most speed games, but I have not been beat at California speed. (No one in my family will play it with me anymore...)
6. I can untangle almost any knot that I come across, it is like a puzzle I must unravel. I am especially good at undoing necklace chains that have become twisted and snarled into a large ball in your jewelery box.
7. I cannot pronounce the word peculiar very well, and I cannot say peculiarly at all. My tongue trips all over its self every time I see it and now it has become something of a phobia. (And I am reading a series aloud to Brian where it is one of the author's favorite words...argggh!)
Okay, now I tag Dinee, Mom, Josh and Elena (seperately or together), Mandy, Tiffany, Emilie, and Sarah. If you don't want to, that is okay. But I would love to read all of your randomness...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cute as a bug!

A ladybug that is...

I finished her Halloween costume today. (I know! Who'd believe I wouldn't be up all night on the 30th to get it done...) Kind of an ironic costume for a child who is terrified of any and all bugs, but we are trying to teach her not to be scared of something she can squish. Actually, I got the wings and headband last year and she is still young enough that I get to pick her costume. Which is why there are no pictures of Jake as yet, because he changes his mind every three days. I'm giving him until Friday to choose and then we are making it!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our newest cousin!

This is Josh and Elena's baby, Huck. We are so excited to finally have a cousin on the Madsen side of the family. Evie was fascinated with him and kept calling him, "my new cousin". She also very proudly informed Elena that Baby Huck wasn't in her tummy anymore (like she didn't already know that...)

Jake is already planning to teach Huck all the boy stuff he'll need to know, like how to drive a hot wheel, sword fight, be a ninja warrior, and generally be really loud and crazy!

I think the hardest thing with Evie will be making sure she doesn't treat Huck like one of her baby dolls, because then he would constantly be naked and she would carry him around by his left leg...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Little Copy-Cat

Evie just has to do whatever her big brother is doing. Whenever Jake is working on his homework, she grabs a coloring book and a seat by him to do her "homewurk". She also loves to repeat what anyone says to her. Today I was watching a Law & Order (anyone out there not know what a Law & Order junkie I am?) and when the murder scene was on screen I covered her eyes and told her it was yucky and not to look. After she went back to playing, she would come back to me every 5 minutes or so and cover my mouth with her hand and say, "Is ucky mom... don't yook."

I guess she comes by it honestly. Dinee and I can't seem to help picking out the same clothes for our girls even though we have never gone shopping together since Libby was born, and some of them were gifts bought by the grandparents. They have had several of the exact same outfits including their Christmas dresses last year, and they are both going as ladybugs for Halloween! I had to laugh when on two separate occasions in the last few weeks they have come over for dinner and game night and we pulled out the same jammies. Evie freaked out a little the other night when she got out of the tub and saw Libby in "her" duckie jammies! How cute are they though? I guess great minds think alike...