Monday, November 5, 2007

Family Fun Day!

On Saturday we decided to take a day and just go play as a family. It was a lot of fun, we went to Discovery Gateway (the new children's museum) and saw the Robots exhibit where they had all kinds of neat displays about how they made the movie and how robots work in real life. Jake loved it. The picture of Jake and Brian is where you can "ride" the traveling ball like Roddy and Fender do in Robot City. They show that clip from the movie and the seat vibrates and clangs so it feels a little like you're moving. The kids loved it! You can also control a real robotic arm to make it pick up different shaped block, play with building block type things that have moving parts when you plug it into a power source so you can build your own robot, and a place where you can line up dominos and knock them down like Big Weld does in the movie. So cool! And we also spent time in the Kid's Eye View area, Jake was thrilled with the climbing wall. Finally, he could climb and jump around as much as he wanted without having us yell at him to get down. And Evie loved to splash around in the water. After all that playing we went and got some lunch and then met up with our friends, Dinee and Tay (and Libby too!), and saw Bee Movie. It was Evie's first movie in a theater and we weren't too sure how it would go, but she snuggled right up on my lap, ate a few pieces of popcorn, and went to sleep within the first 10 min. She didn't wake up until the end credits, perfect timing! After the movie we came home and all ordered some pizza and watched the Jazz game. Go Jazz! Jake loves to watch the games, especially when Dinee and Tay come over. His favorite part is to count down the shot clock out loud. What a nut. And what a great family fun day!