Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

I meant to post this on the 19th, which was the actually holiday, but my weekend got a little away from me...

We went to the library on Friday because they were having a special story time for Talk Like a Pirate Day. (I know Uncle Josh will be proud of us...) Jake was engrossed during all the pirate books, Evie lasted for one and a half, and Lila was a complete pill. But we persevered until they went on a "treasure hunt" and found supplies to make pirate hats...

...which fit so well on my large headed children. As you can see, it fit Raggedy Ann much better. Jake preferred to make a pirate ship. (Please excuse Jake in this picture, apparently he's been at the grog...)

"There's just one word that says it all, Arrgh!
Arrgh, when I'm happy! Arrgh, when I'm sad!
Arrgh, when I'm good or bad!
All together now, arrgh, Arrgh, ARRGH!"