Sunday, November 8, 2009

Prize Optuneat

I had to share this gift certificate Jake made for me tonight. He was doing a "show" for us at my dad's tonight, telling jokes and riddles. I guessed one of the riddles correctly so this was my prize.

In case you don't read 6 year old I'll translate. It says "You now have an opportunity to be on my show!" Then the coupon part is a picture of a person trying out on a curtained stage, under a sign that I think is supposed to say presentation. (I am just really impressed that he didn't ask anyone to spell anything for him, just sounded it out the best he could.)

The best part of this certificate is the seal of authenticity. That would be the oval that says "This is Real!" He added that after Caitlin told him that he needed to add a seal of authenticity so that someone couldn't make lots of copies or fake a certificate. My sweet, sweet, literal boy. Oh yes, and he signed it to authorize it's true value. So sorry everyone, if you were thinking of trying to counterfeit one of these babies for a chance to try out for his show... you just can't fake a "This is Real!" seal of authenticity!


Lawson Family said...

That is hallarious! Sounds like his show is really taking off to have to get a personal coupon to be on the show. Lucky you!

Emilie said...

That is awesome!

He has very neat handwriting. Good thing if he is going to authenticate all his certificates by hand.