Monday, April 19, 2010

Do bad things have to come in threes?

Today has not been the greatest so far.

# 1-

Poor Evie has a UTI. Yeah. Try explaining to a three year old that even though it hurts she still has to go potty. We are pretty sure it happened because getting her to drink any liquid is like trying to teach a dog to roller skate. You can do it, but by the end both you and the dog are going to be frustrated and emotionally exhausted. I am hoping to drive home the connection between not drinking enough and the pain. I am also going to try having timed "drink breaks" through out the day. I am going to pump her so full of fluid she won't be able to stop going potty! The unfortunate truth is that kids pretty much control two things in their worlds, input and output. So I am working very hard to come up with ideas that are more carrot than stick to get her drinking and regulated again. If anyone has any great ideas I would welcome them gladly.

# 2-

Our oven freaked out last night. I put a frozen pizza in for mine and Brian's dinner. Something that I have done often enough that I was on auto pilot. Push bake, set degrees, push bake again, let it preheat. Ding goes off, oven preheated, stick pizza in, push timer, set minutes, push start, walk away. About 12 minutes later I was smelling something burning, went in to check on it and WHOA! That pizza was charcoal. That's $2.50 I'll never see again. I could not for the life of me figure out what I had done wrong. It was like I had set it to broil instead of bake, but I kept checking and rechecking and if I had hit broil then it would say it on the display instead of bake. But every time I would push bake and set the degrees, the broiler would turn on instead. Brian came in to take a look and flipped on the light in the hood... and it reset the clock. Awesome. This is really not the time for a major appliance meltdown as we just spent all our "extra" money to get the van ready to register.

And so far there isn't a # 3- but I can't help feeling a vague sense of dread... waiting for the other shoe to drop... something to hit the fan... the open-faced peanut butter sandwich to fall peanut butter side down on to a clean floor. I see I've made my point. I'll stop now.


Emilie said...

I think two is good.

I found out some info about the watch. I'll give you a call.

diane said...

Hopefully the Salisbury's coming over won't be cause for item #3.

Sandra & Brent said...

Chrissy, don't spend another minute waiting for the other shoe to drop...just accept the fact that it will. Trouble comes in ones, twos, threes and so forth. This is because troubles are an ever present feature of life. Sometimes they APPEAR to group themselves, HOWEVER, they really are hitting us all the time on a regular basis. So don't wait with baited breath. Just live with the calm assurance that these troublesome incidents will continue, unabated, until you draw your last breath on earth sometimes with more frequency than others AND you are perfectly capable of handling all of them. All things will work out one way or the other. However, all that being said, a child with a UTI and a broken major appliance are worth at least a pout! I love you and I believe in you! Sandra