Sunday, October 31, 2010

An insanely long Halloween post...

This post is so long because we celebrated Halloween for four very long days...


Evie had a costume parade and program at her preschool. She was so excited for it and even more excited that both Mommy and Daddy got to be there.  In fact Grandma T., Pa Dave, Aunt Caite and Uncle Patrick all came.  She is a very loved and supported four year old.

Once they started parading around the parents I think she got a little overwhelmed and nervous about all the people.

By the time they got on stage she was sobbing. She actually cried for the first couple of songs. It was so sad and so funny at the same time, because she just kept singing and trying to smile through all the tears... of course, the smile looked more like a rictus of pain, but she never stopped performing.  (She gets that from my side of the family...)

She eventually calmed down.

But was apparently emotionally wiped out...

Then she started yawning...

And almost fell asleep at one point.  

We were so proud of her, yawns and all, she did a great job. After the program Daddy headed off to work but us girls went to breakfast with Grandma T.  What a special treat!

That night we had to scramble to finish Jake's costume for the school parade the next morning.

I ended up quickly sewing the vest because it was faster than trying to alter one to fit him.  So much for my whole, "I am NOT sewing any costumes this year" vow...

I think he looked great... and a little bit like Napoleon.  


A lovely rushed morning trying to get up to the school in enough time to snag a parking spot.  We made it, but  Lila had a pretty good grouch on as you can tell from these pictures.

"Hey girls, smile for Mommy!"

"Put your arms around each other..."

"Lila, please smile..."

Oh well, Jake was ready with some grins for me.

And the obligatory shot in the holiday novelty shirt.
  I love those shirts and until my kids stage a coup and flatly refuse to wear them I will keep buying them...

That afternoon and evening they both got to go to Halloween parties at their friend's house, which was a first for both of them and something they really enjoyed. Plus another time to dress in their costumes!


Jake had a day off school so we had a pretty quiet morning and just tried to catch up on some laundry and housework.  But after nap time we headed out to Brian's office for our first go around of trick or treating.

It's really very fun, each group decorates their areas with a theme and most of them really go all out. The kids were very impressed with the Great Pumpkin and pumpkin patch from the Charlie Brown special.

And just to show how big it was...

Brian loves to get to show off his cute kids and the kids love that they get lots of candy.  I'd call that a win/win.

On the way home Evie crashed hard-core. She was pretty wiped after all the celebrating (plus getting to stay up a little later than usual the night before...)

Just a cute close up of my little stinkbug! I mean, ladybug.  Lila has gotten into this horrible habit of taking off her shoes the second I buckle her in the car seat and turn my back. 

We had another fun but late night having dinner at Pa Dave's and then watching the new Karate Kid movie with Caite.  We liked the movie, but now my children are all trying out Kung Fu moves on each other. sigh.


Hooray! After all the build up and waiting it was finally time to go Trick or Treating!

Pirate Jake, Witch Evie, and Ladybug Lila.

Grandma T. and a couple of cousins came to join in the fun! My kids couldn't wait to set out...

Fifteen minutes later the heavens opened and they came back soaked! I think they made it to about six houses.  I stripped the girls out of dripping costumes and put them in a warm bath, then we changed into our Halloween shirts and went to visit the grandparents. 

Lila loves that she has a whole "munkin" of candy! 
(This girl takes after her Mama and goes straight for the chocolate.)

Happy Halloween everyone, I hope your holiday was as memorable as ours!


Emilie said...

It's nice they had already celebrated for a few days. It probably made the rain out less disappointing.

Sandra & Brent said...

What a fun post . . . lots of great photos. I laughed about your little ladybug/stinkbug. If you check Laura and Jordan's post you'll see why! Love, Sandra

NAT said...

Everybody looks great! We missed you at Brian's work. Normally I wait until after naps, too, but we decided to go early this year. I thought everybody's cubicles and costumes were great, too. Our kids only made it down one street before the rain and cold got to them too. Bummer. Glad you had a Happy Halloween, overall!