Tuesday, February 14, 2012

40 reasons I love you on your 40th birthday...

1. You are tall, dark and handsome. Just my type...
2. Your smile. You have a very nice smile.
3. Your sense of humor. I love it when I can make you crack up.
4. You don't laugh at me, unless you can tell that I am laughing too.
5. You can laugh at yourself.
6. You are hilarious when you don't try too hard.
7. No one can make me laugh harder than you can, except maybe your children.
8. You aren't over sensitive (as in quick to be offended), and you're not under sensitive (you care about other people's feelings), you are the exact right amount of sensitive.
9. You are the vanilla to my chocolate. Because you like vanilla, which leaves more chocolate for me!
10. You love cars and guns and gadgets and all that boy stuff, without being too macho about it.
11. You watch romantic comedies with me, without being too macho for it. (i.e, no sighing, rolling eyes or making disparaging comments...)
12. You are thoughtful, usually.
13. You are patient, mostly.
14. You are loving, always.
15. You are an amazing father.
16. It's a toss up at the end of the day who is more excited for you to get home, me or the children. It's probably a tie...
17. You are supportive, as evidenced by the fact that you let me have an evening off once a week.
18. You do the best Kermit impression, ever. Arms and all.
19. You are the cleanest man I have ever met. (Physically, and I won't mention the trail of dirty socks and used wipes you leave behind... because it is your birthday.)
20. You are a hard worker and a good provider.

*Intermission... 40 is a LOT of reasons... people might need to get a snack or use the restroom to get through this list.

21. You tell me and the children everyday that you love us. Multiple times a day. And it never gets old...
22. You rub my back almost every night and I don't always return the favor. (There, I've admitted it in black and white, you win this one.)
23. You keep me warm with your body heat after you steal all the covers. (I will NEVER concede this argument!)
24. You think I am a good cook, even when I burn things and you insist that the burned part adds more flavor.
25. The way you will play "bl-uty parlor" for hours with your girls, and hold as still as any mannequin or doll for them. (Although mannequins don't snore quite so loud...)
26. You are a little sneaky how you get the kids to think it's great fun to drive their cars on your back, so you get a massage. I can respect that.
27. You watch Mickey Mouse and Phineas and Ferb with the kids, which is why you are the fun parent.
28. You lead by example.
29. You are teaching our son how to be a father and a husband, and our girls what to expect from a husband and father to their children, and I think you are doing a great job.
30. You wear the things I knit for you and you wear them with pride. That is why you will continue to receive hand knit socks for the rest of your life.
31. You are a snuggler.
32. You are really good at making ramen noodles.
33. You have found a "sitting down" hobby, playing the guitar, and I'm very impressed at how good you've become in 6 weeks.
34. You are good in a crisis.
35. You like to drive and I don't, which works out rather nicely for road trips.
36. We balance each other, like when you start to tip over and I'm there to catch you...
37. You know me. The deepest, darkest, warts and all, real me. And you love me anyway.
38. You never use my short-comings to make me feel less than, you comfort me and help me over come them.
39. You see me differently than I see myself, you make me feel beautiful.
40. You are willing to do the work it takes to have a successful marriage and family.


That is a lot of love right there.

I could probably come up with forty more reasons, so here's to forty more years together finding reasons why we love each other.

Happy Birthday Brian!


Brian said...

That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard!! (there was no comment in there about my over-use of exclamation points, so it continues...)
I love you sooo much! I think we make a pretty great pair. Thank you for putting up with me and loving me even though I'm not always the easiest guy to put up with. You're an incredible wife and mother, and you've been my sweetheart Valentine for the past 11 years. Thank you, and I LOVE YOU!


Sarah said...

Awwwww.....I like #36. :)