Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pseudonyms and Spellings

One of Jake's favorite games to play with his Aunt Caitlin is the alphabet name game. You know the one... "My name is Adam, my wife's name is Amy, we live in Antarctica and we sell Apples..." and so on.

I love listening to them take turns, especially Lila because she usually says "we steal" instead of "we sell". 

Evie is getting better at it now that she is learning to read and spell better. 

Jake, well... Jake just likes to make it as complicated as possible. For instance today the letter P landed on one of his turns. He couldn't just say Peter or Paul or even Phillip. No. He said, "My name is Pay-su-de-nom-in-ous." 

"Um... what?" 

"That is not a real name." 

"Yes, it is! He's an author. I've read his work!"