Friday, June 1, 2012

My Summer Vacation....

Okay Grandma, I posted! And just so you don't feel like you have to drive across town and harangue me again I promise that I will post every day during summer vacation. I usually have pretty good material to write about when I'm with my kids 24/7...

So far our Summer is going great! 

Huck and Elena are out visiting and Huck came over yesterday for some cousin time.

He and the girls broke in our new wading pool! 

Lila being cheeky.

What happens lately when I tell Evie to smile.

So of course little sister has to follow suit...

I think these two just threw water in each other's faces and then were upset about it. 

Popsicle break!

Lila kept trying to convince Huck that it was okay to sit on the swing...

They had as much water and sun as they could handle, then we came inside and made popcorn and watched Dumbo. 

Jake was pretty peeved with me that he'd missed all the fun so I left the pool up over night and when they got home from the Last Day Of School (that's how Evie says it, I swear you can hear every word being capitalized...) they headed outside and spent a good three hours splashing around.

Let's see, what else? 

Okay, we have a date for when we can expect an answer about when they might start on the house. (Clear as mud, I know.) June 13th. I am torn between wanting to start packing up so that as soon as they tell us who our contractor is we can say, "Have at it!" But I also don't want to be living out of boxes and away from our home for longer than we have to. So for now I guess we just start sorting through things and boxing up non-essentials, and keep possessing our souls in patience.

The kids are very excited for summer. Well, except Jake. His exact words were, "I can't wait to get back to school!" But I think he'll only need a few days to remember how nice a break can be. They really want to do  all our activities from last summer, the swimming day, library day, park day, etc. But I don't know how that will all work when I don't have a car. I'll just have to get creative I suppose. 

Evie's goals for the summer is to learn embroidery and not have to hold her nose under water.

Jake's goals for the summer is to play at Myra's a lot and to create a fusion of poker and chess called Pokerchess. 

Lila's goal is to be the queen of the world. (Her words, not mine.)

My goals are to blog everyday and stay sane. 


Let the Summer begin!