Thursday, September 13, 2012

Because there aren't mailboxes in heaven...

The mailman knocked on the door today because we got a package that wouldn't fit into the mailbox. I'm expecting some fabric to be delivered so I was all excited and just about to rip it open when I saw that it was addressed to my children.

I'm not gonna lie.... I really, really wanted to open it anyway. But I restrained myself because I didn't want to take the excitement of opening it away from them. So I waited and waited for them to get out of school.

These are their excited faces. 
(And did you notice how both girls are ready to claw it open?)

Inside were bags of school supplies and arts and crafts for each of them. 

I barely got them to pause long enough for this photo before they had those bags opened and spread out to see all the goodies! 

They each had a doodle pad and some markers, which was particularly thrilling for Lila. "Oh Mom," she said with a little catch in her voice, "I saw the evening star and I wished for doodle pad!" They also each got a little pocket-sized bottle of hand sanitizer... or handi-tizer if you're Lila. 

A princess coloring poster!

Glitter glue and an embroidery kit!
(She literally screamed with excitement when she saw the embroidery kit.)

Lego folders and stickers!

Five minutes later each of them had sanitized their hands and settled down for some creative time.

There was also a card, which I tried to read to them, but didn't quite make it through because I was unprepared.

Once I'd gotten myself back under control I explained that Aunt Kristen (Jake recognized your address on the box) had sent them these fun things on behalf of Mima Kim, since she couldn't be here to celebrate the start of a new school year with them. 

by Evie

Thank you Aunt Kristen, not just for such a fun surprise, but for the spirit behind it. Your thoughtfulness in helping to fill that hole in my children's lives is something I will always be grateful for.

by Lila
With no help from anybody!

(She really wanted me to add that last bit.)


Mary said...

What a special surprise!

Lawson Family said...

Awww, that is fabulous! What a fun surprise!

Natalie said...

That is so sweet.