Friday, April 12, 2013

What I want to remember...

Today I was a really good parent.

Jake and I worked together to find a solution to a problem he's having at school.

I didn't raise my voice once.

I think we both get gold stars.

Today I was a fun mom.

I ignored the piles of laundry and played video games with my kids instead.

And in that moment that was the most important thing I could have been doing.

Today I was mom who said yes.

Yes to ice cream at the grocery store.

I had my heart melt a little as I watched my kids feeding each other tastes of their ice cream and trying to decide who had picked the best flavor.

(It was a three way tie, as each person voted for their own choice....)

Today I was a patient mom.

I drove across town so my kids could enter their drawings into a contest.

I then waited in the car while Jake finished coloring his.

Today I was an awesome mom.

I am posting this mostly for my own benefit, and for my children's, so that we can all look back and remember that even though I am not a perfect mom I am trying really hard.

And somedays I am better at it than others.