Friday, May 15, 2009

My funny kids...

We've had a pretty busy week around here. Got a lot accomplished in the yard thanks to family on both sides. I've had meetings, groups, appointments and parties almost everyday it seems. I am really grateful that my children have taken the disruption to our schedules pretty much in stride. Even being their usually happy and occasionally hilarious self's.

Evie has been even more of a cheerleader lately. Today when I asked her to please go throw something in the garbage for me, her response was, "Mom! That was a way very good job of you to say please! That is using good manners!" I don't know whether to be happy that she is recognizing good manners, or chagrined that I apparently don't say please enough...

She is also really getting into music and singing, (and dancing, refer to previous post if you missed her tap routine)! Tonight a commercial was on singing a jingle with the line "it's a brand new day", and from down the hall I hear Evie start to sing, "Is a brand new day, is a brand new day." She then paused for a moment and then yelled to me, "Hey mom! They say is a brand new day. And IT IS a brand new day! Tha's so 'citing!" I guess we really do like brand new days around here.

Jake has kept us laughing too. On Mother's Day we were on our way back home from a round of visiting, and Jake was talking non-stop about the pocketful of gummy bears he got from Pa Dave. "...and I got a green one, and a yellow one, two white ones, and even a wed one!" "A wed one," I asked, "what's a wed one?" He swallowed and then said in a tone of utter disdain, "A rrr-red one, I had food in my mouth, thank you very much!" Brian and I then had a debate about who he gets his attitude from.

When I came home from my knitting group on Thursday I asked how the night had gone, and if Jake had done his homework. Brian started to laugh and said that he had forgotten until he was already in his pj's and ready for bed. He went into the kitchen to do it, and when Bri checked on him a few minutes later he found Jake squinting over his worksheet. Brian said, "Hey, Buddy, where are your glasses?" To which Jake replied, "Ummm, I decided I wanted a challenge."

And not to forget Lila, her latest accomplishment is scooting herself forward in the walker. So there you have it, my 5 month old says, "Mama" and "Ba!" and can walk in the walker, but she will NOT even try to roll over. Babies are weird.