Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jake didn't do it!

I got to spend a very fun day yesterday with my sister, wandering through craft boutiques and craft stores to my hearts content. I have to give my husband major brownie points. It started out as Caitlin, Elena, and I going to a craft boutique in Farmington where my friend Kris had a booth. Then I thought maybe Caite and I could continue on up to Shepherd's Bush in Ogden, which is heaven if you like to do cross-stitch or embroidery. I called Brian who was home with the kids to see if he would be OK if I was gone longer and his sweet response was, "Honey, you do what you want to. It is your day to go play." Obviously I didn't need to be told twice. Caite and I went to the cross stitching store and then to a yarn store and spent hours window shopping and making mental lists of all the things we would buy when we have a million dollars. (We also made our Christmas lists and a pact to do each other's Christmas shopping this year, and save our husbands the trouble.... aren't we thoughtful?) We went out to lunch and then to another craft store, and all in all had an absolutely enjoyable day. I love my sister, and I love that she is one of my best friends. Brian also gets major brownie points for not calling me once during the day. (You might have to be a mom of young kids to understand why that is so amazing, but trust me, it is!) When I finally called to check in, he was quick to assure me that all was well and the kids had been pretty good. He then said, "Well, Evie looks like she's had a rough day... but she really hasn't."

When I asked what happened he told me how she was playing and fell at the bottom of the stairs. She got a lovely raspberry on her cheek and a slight bruise on her eyelid (not enough to be a black eye) and a scratched lip. As he was telling me this I hear Jacob in the background yell out, "And it was NOT my fault Mom!" Not that anyone was accusing him, he just wanted me to know that he had no part in her accident.... hmmmmm.... yeah, that's not suspicious. But in all honesty, I highly doubt he did have anything to do with it. Evie is my dainty princess with the soul of a linebacker. Some days she can't walk down the hall without hitting her head. In fact, last week, she did just that as she was going down the hall to her room. She wasn't watching where she going and ran into the corner of the doorway into the kitchen. (It doesn't help that she always runs instead of walks, and leads with her head...) An hour later she got out of bed because she had to go the bathroom. Twenty minutes later she was still sitting on the toilet singing and talking, so Brian told her she was done and to get off. There was an awful crash and banging followed by her wailing. Brian yelled down the hall, "I didn't say fall off the toilet," and Evie yelled back, "Well I did!" So Brian went to comfort her and put her back into bed, I hear him in her room say, "Ok, sweetie. Scoot over and I'll snuggle you for a minute." This was followed by a resounding thud and more wailing. She didn't just scoot over, she threw herself across the bed and into the wall. I will be amazed if she makes it to 3 without breaking a bone, or getting a concussion.


Kevin said...

10,000 brownie points to Brian and a football helmet on the Christmas list for Evie.

Kamra said...

Oh Evie you are just too darn cute!!!