Monday, July 6, 2009

A fun surprise...

Every so often my Aunt Kamra surprises my kids with a package in the mail full of fun little surprises. They came to visit over the holiday weekend and she brought one with her. Because of the crazy schedule we kept this weekend we only just opened it, and oh my, what treasures it held...

The first thing to capture Evie's attention was the tissue paper. In fact her actual words were, "Oh yook! Tissue paper!!" Well, with that level of excitement anything that came after was going to be icing on the cake...

...and what came next was SHOES!!! And not just any shoes, but glittery, Disney princess, flip-flops! Evie was in shoe heaven.

Jake just loves to read the fine print on all the packages to figure out what they are or do. These are some bubbles in popcicle shaped holders, perfect for summertime.

They would have opened them right then and there and started blowing bubbles in the living room, but the mean mom nixed that idea and told them they would have to wait until tomorrow when they could go in the backyard to play with them.

I did, however, let them open and try the package of Goldfish S'mores Adventures. (Mom and Dad tried them too, they aren't half bad.) They are gram cracker and chocolate flavored goldfish with little fish shaped marshmallows mixed in. A fun summer treat, and nowhere near as messy as actual s'mores.

I digress a little bit, these pictures are from yesterday when we joined up with some of Brian's family who were camping up Kamas Canyon for dinner. It was nice to get up in the mountains and enjoy a yummy dutch-oven dinner without all the hassle of camping with babies and toddlers.

Here is Evie hanging out by the campfire with "Unca Gweg".

He was showing her how to be a cowboy!

We have had a great 4th of July weekend and really enjoyed spending time with both sides of the family. And thanks again Aunt Kami for all the fun treats, they really made the kid's day!


Kamra said...

Hope you liked all the fun stuff! I got a bag of the smores fishies to try too! I really liked them! Did Jakes penny loafers fit? I thought he would love the fact that they had a dimes in them!

Love ya, Aunt Kami

Chrissy said...

Ok, so the truth is Brian and I actually ate most of the goldfish. Yeah... I owe them another bag. And the penny loafers do fit! I am very excited about that. Thank you so much!