Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yemon Logurt in a Yarge Lard

So Evie has been getting much better at her L sounds. She can say Lila quite clearly now, but the funny part is she has start to insert extra L's in some words, and she still confuses Y's and L's a lot. For instance she always wants to go with me to the "larn" store to see Shanna (It's actually Shannon, but Evie can't quite get that last N for some reason...) and she likes to go play on the swing set in the back"lard". She is also fond of having carpet picnics in the living "loom" and one of her favorite summertime treats is a "slush-lee". Today she kept asking me for some "ch-loc-late", well what girl doesn't like ch-loc-late?

Jake also enjoys a slushee treat with me during these hot summer days, now that we are actually having hot summer days. He has been having a ton of fun playing with friends and cousins and even had his first cousin sleepover with Jack a week ago. And we have had a lot of people around during the last week. Our yard has once again been a service project for our family and our ward, and we can't say Thank You! enough! Through a great combined effort they ran sprinklers out to our parking strips and cleaned out the weed choked gravel and replaced it with sod. And it was no small job because we live on a corner, so two long parking strips!

Jake's other favorite activity this summer has been doing arts and crafts with myself and Aunt Caite. Here we were doing a little painting project, and I was quite pleased with my foresight. I bought Jake a kit to paint two little pirate figurines, so that he could paint "with" us without having to "help" us with our project. I had sent him down to change into some older clothes that he could paint in, and he was so anxious to get started he forgot to get pants... (Can you say "blackmail" for when he gets older?)

As Jake said to Aunt Caite, this picture isn't G rated... but it doesn't need to be. (He actually said that to her when we were running errands last Saturday. He told her she wasn't G rated, but that she didn't need to be. I think she snorted food out her nose she was laughing so hard.)


Amy said...

Your kids are so fun! And mostly G rated!