Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Halloween Package!

Another great holiday gift from Aunt Kami! My kids were so excited when we found this on our porch this afternoon. (Okay, Jake and Evie were way excited and Lila just smiles and laughs when they are happy...)

It was stuffed to the brim with Halloween candy and toys. Including puzzles, pumpkin bubble necklaces and flashlights they can't wait to use for Trick-or-treating. And this adorable witch hat for Lila. It's perfect!

Some seriously happy kids! Thanks so much Aunt Kami, you made our day!

On a side note: Lila took her first steps today! She isn't quite up to cruising around on her own yet, but if she doesn't realize that she not holding on to couch and she really wants to get something she'll do one or two shaky and unsteady steps before pitching face first to the floor. I am torn between being really happy at this milestone, and sad because I am not ready for her to be that mobile yet...


Mandy said...

Lila is getting SO big too fast! Crazy!!! When are you going to put up pictures of your trip? Love Evie's hair! We will miss you on Halloween!!!

Unknown said...

What made my day is that the day I mailed the package, I came home that night and read your post "The Holiday Season". I hoped getting a suprise package in the mail helps to make is a great start to the holidays! What are the kids going to be for Halloween? Evie's hair would be perfect for Raggedy Ann! She looks the part perfectly!

Love you guys!

Sandra and Brent said...

I'm back 'n bloggin! I took a little break from blogging but I finally posted the other day and now I'm catching up on all my favorite blogs. I read a few posts back and loved your thoughts about celebrating the holidays instead of missing what used to be. Sometimes it's hard to muster the energy but you'll never regret creating these fun traditions for your kidlets. You're a great mom, Chrissy. Oh yes you are. Love ya, Sandra