Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merry Christmas... I hope.

I have decided that it is impossible with three children to get a picture where all of them are simultaneously looking at the camera and smiling.

Maybe it's better if you can't see where they are looking or if they are smiling or not?

Actually, I think that I am going to get this enlarged and hang it up to remind me that these human moments make better Christmas memories than a "perfect" family photo by a "perfectly" decorated Christmas tree.

My goal this Christmas is to spend less time doing and more time being. I want to enjoy sitting down by the fire and reading to my kids instead of feeling the pressure of unfinished projects and how many shopping days are left. So I am scrapping the idea of making matching sweaters with reindeer on them or trying to finish kitchen curtains before we have friends to dinner next week. If I can just finish Lila's stocking in the next two weeks, I will be happy and call it a successful holiday crafting season.


Emilie said...

I think that is a great attitude. And for what it is worth. I like the no eyes picture best!

Kamra said...

That a great Christmas card photo!! I love it!

April said...

Here Here! (why is that said, exactly? I know it means I agree with you...)

JD said...

Yay for fun christmas pictures. We miss you guys.

Oh by the way your quote in the upper left is actually not form Covey. He ripped it off from a french Jesuit preist and philospher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Just an interesting bit of trivia for you.

What are your plans for Christmas morning this year? and the rest of the day?

Mandy said...

So you just described our family photo, but we didn't even try for perfect. You will understand when you see it. I haven't even started Thomas' stocking, I better get on it!