Saturday, December 19, 2009

Funny kids...

These past few days have been filled with some funny one liners.

Today Brian and I were having a difference of opinion when we noticed Jake standing in our bedroom door. Brian turned to him and asked, "Do you need something Jacob?" Jake read the tone of voice accurately and quickly said, "Nope" and disappeared down the hall. Ten seconds later he popped back in the doorway and said, "Oh yeah, I need some attention." We laughed so hard, and the discussion was over.

Lila's new favorite word is "NO!" Sometimes she says it in a sweet little voice while she shakes her finger at me, "no, no, no, no, no..." but any question you ask her right now is answered with, "ummm, no." It is mildly amusing and cute right now, I give less than a week before it really starts bugging me. She also likes the word "wow!". Her Grandma and Grandpa T. have a train going around the living room right now, and the first time she saw it she just sat and stared and kept saying "Wow! wow. Wow!"

Evie has been non-stop, at top volume. (Thank heavens it is less than a week until Christmas, I don't think our eardrums would make it.) Yesterday Caitlin was over trying to work on some Christmas sewing. I say trying because it is hard to do anything with a three year old constantly underfoot. Evie's imaginary entourage was also present. She told Caitlin that the people were laughing at her. Caite responded with, "Well tell them to enjoy the free laugh because next time we'll charge them." Evie was quite indignant and told Caite, "You CAN'T charge my people! They aren't phones!" It always cracks me up when I realize both how literal children can be and how different technology is now from when I was a child.

Another Evie quirk we are discovering is that she will NOT be ignored. She will just repeat herself at increasing volume until she is acknowledged. A common phrase in our house right now is, "Please don't ignore your daughter." Last week in church I was in the foyer with the baby and Brian was dozing off. I know, shocker right? Evie was trying to tell Brian something and finally an exasperated Jacob said quite loudly, "Daa-aad. You're ignoring your daughter!" Three rows in either direction exploded in silent laughter.

But Jake also tends to ignore his sister on occasion. Tonight on the way home Evie wasn't getting the response from her brother she wanted and finally burst out with, "Jakey, when you i'nore me then I have to tell you two times!" We are in so much trouble with this girl.


Sarah said...

I love your kids! They are just awesome. Oh, and I love you too :).