Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July= Fireworks!

Evie has a love affair with fireworks.  When she was eleven months old we celebrated her first Fourth of July.  We went to see fireworks prepared to cover her ears and keep her wrapped safe and snug in a blanket so that she wouldn't be scared by the loud booms, bangs, and pops.  (Jake completely freaked during his first fireworks show, cowering and sobbing into my shirt for most of it... so that's what we were expecting.)  Well, she wasn't having that.  The lights and colors completely mesmerized her, and as for the noise...  she took it as a challenge and spent the entire show trying to drown out the fireworks with her shouts and screams.  And it hasn't noticeably changed over the past three years.

Starting last Monday she has told me at least a dozen times a day that we would get to see fireworks soon!  She doesn't give a fig about anything else to do with the Fourth of July, the parades (and around here they throw candy!), swimming at Pa Dave's, barbecue with family and friends. Nope.  For this girl the Fourth of July is all about the fireworks!

Evie enjoying a Fruit-by-the-Foot snack while we were waiting for the show to begin.

Jake and Jack, what buddies!

Poor Lila definitely took more after her brother than her sister in her enjoyment of fireworks.  She didn't seem to mind them so much last year, but I seem to remember her just sleeping through them because she was so little...

Seriously, could that girl's smile get any wider?  I'm glad that you love fireworks so much my Evers, it makes the holiday that much more fun for the rest of us.


Dinee said...

It was fun seeing you guys last night. Brings back memories of when we were kids and watching the fireworks.

Susan said...

It sounds like you guys need to make a trip to NYC for next year's 4th of July celebration. My "kids"---we went in 2007 still say that they are the best fireworks display they've ever seen...ever one is a "finale". Andrew described them as "butt jiggling"! That's quite the endorsement!!!