Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Princess Festival

Saturday was a wonderful Mommy and Evie day!  We went to the Princess Festival with Dinee, Tay, and Libby.  Our two little princesses were so excited that when they picked us up, the girls just giggled at each other for five straight minutes.

We got to meet so many different princesses and characters like the Little Mermaid

Snow White

and Sleeping Beauty!

We flew to Never Land with Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and Wendy

and played Ring Around the Fairy!

We had a tea party with the Queen of Hearts

and the Mad Hatter!

 Cinderella, her Prince, and the Fairy Lucinda asked us to help defeat the Snow Queen and her sisters who were trying to take over their kingdom.

All the princesses were ready to help!

The Queen of Spring had captured Aladdin...

The Summer Queen had turned the Little Mermaid and Beauty's Beast back into their animal forms...

And the Robber Queen of Fall had forgotten how to love.

The princess learned they had courage, grace and kindness and were ready to face the Snow Queen and Cinderella's Step-sisters.

There was even a frog who was kissed and turned back into a prince!

They warmed the Snow Queen's heart so that she only wanted to rule her own season instead of all the kingdoms.

After our adventure we visited Snow White's cottage.

The girls had fun sitting on toadstools,

checking out the dwarf's little beds,

and leaving by way of a convenient slide!

Evie hugged the dragon because Princesses are kind to everyone.

The girls went for a spin in Cinderella's magic carriage,

although I think Libby liked driving it even more!

The girls also participated in a treasure hunt for eight clues which culminated in the Prince trying on a sparkling pink shoe to see if they were true princesses.  (They were, in case you were wondering...)  So they both got a special story book called Princess Ilissa's Idea.  After all that running around we were all hot and tired and ready to get some lunch, so we head for the car but got a little side tracked at the Little Mermaid's fountain...

The seamstress in me couldn't bear to let her splash around in her satin gown I had only finished the night before, so I had her take it off and splash around in her slip.  I love the unselfconsciousness of this age!

After the girls (and Tay) had cooled down in the fountain we went for lunch at the Macaroni Grill. Yum.  But the best part for me was how sweet and happy Evie was the whole day.  She had so much fun being a princess and being with her buddy Libby. They are so cute to watch together, and it makes me smile to think that almost 20 years ago her mom and I were playing dress up and dolls together, just like they do now!  Thanks for a great day Dinee, Tay and Libby.  And thanks for being my special princess Evie!


Mary said...

How fun! This will be such a great memory.

April Weeks said...

Wow! They thought of everything that would make a little girl so giddy. What a great day and great dress!

Dinee said...

Thanks for inviting us to join you. It was fun and Libby still talks about what a fun day she had with Evie. I hope our girls will stay friends forever.

Amanda said...

As always, I'm envious of your sewing skills. Looks like a royally fun day!