Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Evie has this holiday all figured out...

I just went into the girls' room to get some clothes for Lila and found Evie happily picking up their room and making both beds.

All month long she has been taking such happiness and pride in helping to pick up both of her sibling's rooms and make their beds for them. It's an added bonus if she can surprise me.  Each time I find her so happily industrious on behalf of another person, it makes my mother's heart warm and swell with pride that I am raising such a caring little person.

I gave her a hug and said, "Evie. You are the best little helper. Thank you for doing all that." She smiled at me and then said, "I know, Mom. I am making the beds to get toys on Christmas."


Troy and Lisa said...

So I saw on Jay Leno last night (I now cross-stitch at night when my baby sleeps-it's my only alone time) that Mark Wahlberg has an "elf on the shelf" that watches the kids and reminds them to be nice to each other because the elf reports to Santa. He said it's great till the day after Christmas. Then all hell breaks loose.

Emilie said...