Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day

 Can you feel the excitement?

These kiddos were more than ready to see what Santa had brought!

They each got the requested pillow pets and one of the Toy Story movies. I must say it's very lucky we have three children... it makes the math come out perfectly.

Lila was thrilled with all of the presents Santa brought.

They also each got some little Toy Story figures. 

Lila seemed to be a bit dazed with all the commotion and excitement going on around her.

Evie and Jake were so excited that they got exactly what they had asked for!

I simplified my Christmas at that point and stopped taking pictures. (We were kind of rushing through it so Elena and Josh could get up to her parents and surprise them too!) The only shot I wish I would have gotten was the sea of wrappings and boxes and presents that was my living room afterwards. A true scene of Christmas carnage. 

After breakfast and a nap for me (I was going off of 2-3 hours of sleep for the past 4 nights, the price of finishing all of my Christmas projects.) we headed up to Brian's parents for round two.  And again I didn't take very many pictures.

I did get a picture of Evie with her Tangled barbie doll which was hands down her favorite gift. She spent the entire day sitting quietly and brushing the dolls hair.  Good gift Grandma T.! Or I guess that should be, "Best. Gift. EVER!"

Lila couldn't handle any more excitement and promptly crashed in her Daddy's arms while snuggling her new Tinkerbell flashlight.  

It was a wonderful day spent with the families we love and enjoying their company. 

Merry Christmas everyone,
Happy New Year!
Bring it on 2011, bring it on...


Lawson Family said...

The pictures that you were able to take say volumes on the day that you had! Happy New Year!