Thursday, January 19, 2012


Tonight Brian shared something that happened with Lila while I was at knitting. He was letting the girls help him make dinner and out of the blue Lila said, "Holy hell!"

Brian was of course shocked and said, "Lila! That is not a good word to say. Where did you hear that?"

Without pausing Lila responded, "School."

"Lila, you don't go to school."

"Oh yeah..."

"So where did you learn that?"


I am going to fess up right now and admit that I am the bad example in this scenario, but I promise that I've never said that at church (even though I am her primary teacher.)


Ryan W said...

I learned all of my good cuss words in church.

April Weeks said...

I can always count on your stories to give me my morning chuckle. What a bunch of crack ups you have in your home.