Monday, January 9, 2012

Everyday life...

Yesterday I didn't blog. (Just in case you didn't notice...) Mostly because I was in a whiny mood and it would have been a rant about switching to 9 am church, the fact that my calling is teaching Lila's sunbeams class and therefore I NEVER get a break from my own 3 year old, and to top it all off we can throw 6-9 (depending on the week) other 3 year olds into the mix, including one who thinks he is a spider monkey. To sum up, I came home needing a Valium and a hot bath, and instead got to make dinner and do laundry because once again I had let it go until we had a bona fide laundry emergency on our hands, i.e. no clean underwear or pants. Once I got the kids to bed I thought about blogging for about two and a half minutes, and then shut the laptop in favor of watching a movie with my husband while he folded the laundry. 

Today was a crazy running around kind of day. Get up, take the kids to school, run to the store for a pork roast, run home and put it in the crock pot, take Lila to my grandma's, go to Jake's school and volunteer for an hour, go pick up Lila, go to Emilie's so we can do the workout that we didn't want to get up at 6 am for, realize that I have completely forgotten what time Kindergarten gets out (despite the fact that it's been the same for four and a half months now), run to pick up Evie, run back to Emilie's, do the work out, realize how much easier it is to count to twenty when you don't have to yell "Go Downstairs!" during every other rep and recommit to getting up at 6 am, go home for an hour or so, go pick up Jake from school, and return home for the final time today. 

I was so worn out that after I got the kids a snack and got them started on their homework, I crawled into bed to read for a little while until it was time to finish dinner. I lay there staring at the ceiling for a bit and all I could think was, "If getting into pajamas at four in the afternoon is wrong, then I don't want to be right..." 


Andrea said...

You are a great writer. I enjoy your posts. And I'm sorry that you have to babysit...opps...I mean teach my twins. Not fun. I feel your pain. Hopefully many, many blessings will be sent your way for it!!!