Sunday, March 4, 2012

Missionary Life

Today the kids were gathered around the table writing letters and drawing pictures to send to their Grandparents who are serving a mission in Denmark. Brian was reading the weekly email that his mom sends aloud. In the first part Terrie said that it had been a busy week and they were really looking forward to their P-day. Evie interrupted him to ask, "What's a P-day?" Brian explained that P stands for preparation and that it is the day of the week when the missionaries do their laundry, shopping, errands, ect. so that they can work on sharing the gospel during the rest of the week. Lila wasn't buying that. She said, very matter of factly, "Nu-uh. That is it day that they get to go pee-pee." Hmmm. I feel bad for her Sunday School teachers... oh wait. That's me.
As they were finishing their letters Evie glanced over to Jake's paper and asked, "Why are you writing in Danish?" Jake chuckled and said, "That's not Danish, it's cursive." Evie, looking skeptical, replied, "Well they're not going to be able to read it."


Sandra & Brent said...

LOL! As always, your children have NOT failed to make me chuckle. So here's a joke that your kids will like:
Why do missionaries have such big bladders?
Because they only get one pee day a week! :D

Amanda said...

Your kids will be so glad you wrote all this down someday!