Monday, March 26, 2012

Threatening each other with As Seen on TV....

When Brian and I are up watching TV at night, one of our favorite things is to make fun of the crazy infomercials and the products they sell. 

Last night this product was being advertised during every commercial break...

And Brian was finding it increasingly annoying. He started making comments like, "I just pity anyone who would buy something like that!" So just to play devil's advocate (and because I love to tease him) I said, "Maybe I should get one. You keep telling me I need a Bluetooth... and they are saying this is even better technology than Bluetooth!" 

Brian looked consideringly at me for a moment and then said, "If I come home some day to find you with one of those things on your head... you just might wake up some morning wearing a Snuggie!"

Oh. Well played sir, well played.

pssst... It's really funny because I have a fairly well-known if somewhat irrational hatred of the Snuggie. "Oh no... I'm not smart enough to operate a remote control while wrapped in a blanket... oh! If only this blanket had sleeves!"