Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello Summer...

You know how I know it is summer?  We went on our first family outdoor adventure of the season and I look like a lobster today.  The worst part is I bought the 50+ SPF sunscreen the night before, I just forgot to take it with.  Fortunately, Brian and the kids only got lightly toasted.

We drove up to Heber City yesterday to meet up with our friends and enjoy a picnic in the mountains.  They weren't quite ready for us so we spent a fun half-hour at the park first.

Lila is our swinging fool!

I think that Evie likes to swing too, because she doesn't stop asking to be pushed the entire time she is in one! (grrr....)

This is the tallest twirly slide I have ever seen!  The climb up made me a little nervous but the kids loved the view from the top, not to mention the ride down!

Cute kids in good moods.  A mom can't ask for more than that...

Hey Mom! Look at us! Mom! Look at us!!

Smile everybody!

Okay, now be goofy...

Evie got so excited every time she saw one of the carved bears, "Mom! I've seen that show before!"  It took me a few minutes to figure out that she was talking about Brother Bear.

A rare picture where all three are looking the same direction and smiling... sort of.

The girls.

We ate our lunch by Strawberry Reservoir and then we walked around the boardwalks by the Visitors Center.

Libby decided that she didn't want to wear her hat anymore, so she gave it to her dad.

The kids liked it when we got to cross a bridge.  Moving water is endlessly fascinating to them...

Evie and Libby holding hands.  

These two are such buddies! 

We had such a fun day hanging with Dinee and Tay and their cute girls.  We can't wait to have more summertime fun with them.  And I will remember to bring the sunscreen from here on out...


Dinee said...

I love all the pictures and so does Libby. She's sitting on my lap and wants to look at them over and over. That was such a fun day and we're glad you could come with us. I hope we can do a lot more fun things now that the weather is nice. Please remind me to bring sunscreen too....the girls were fine but Tay and I are both red.

Sarah said...

Ha! I'm going to remind you that you said that next time you forget the sunscreen. you KNOW you will sometime :)