Friday, May 14, 2010

We are going to be in soooo much trouble....

Today as Brian was leaving for work he asked if I had a dollar. I told him he couldn't have it because he was just going to get a soda pop and since that is all he ever drinks he is going to end up with diabetes because he doesn't take good enough care of himself. (I was mostly just teasing him while digging in my wallet for the dollar...) Then Evie pipped up, "Hey Dad! You should tell Mom, 'If you don't like soda pop why do you drink it'?"

Ouch! Bazinga!

I've come to expect that kind of rapier wit from her brother, but it completely blindsided me coming from my sweet little three year old.

But speaking of her brother...

When I picked Jake up from school yesterday I asked how his day went. He looked at me with a long suffering expressing and said, "I was forced to hug a tree today." I immediately pictured rogue environmentalists roaming the playground and herding children towards the trees. "What? Who forced you to hug a tree?" He heaved a huge sigh and then said, "Well, the librarian read us 'The Giving Tree' today and... let's just say she strongly suggested we hug a tree today to thank them for all they do for us."

I just hope that being forced to hug a tree hasn't ruined that book for him, it's one of my favorites.


Natalie said...

At least you're willing to share your kids' funny comments for your blog readers' enjoyment. Thanks Evie and Jake! By the way, Adam gave me a Mother's Day card that had a picture of a mom and some kids. Charlie was convinced that the two kids were Jake, Evie, and Lila. Yes, all three of your kids were somehow contained in the two kids in the picture.