Monday, August 23, 2010

1st day of school...

Jake is now a 2nd grader! He had a great first day. The only hiccup was that we were in such a rush to get out the door we forgot to grab his lunch. He said his favorite thing today was meeting all the new kids.
 (Of course he also told me that all the new kids are girls... hmmm...)
He is very excited about an activity his teacher does where the kids earn pretend money through out the month for things like being on time, completing their work, and doing classroom chores.  Then at the end of the month each student brings two items and they have an auction with the money they've earned.  From how much he has talked about it today, I'd say his teacher has hit on an A+ motivational tool!
Time to turn in early... tomorrow we get to get up and do it all again.


Elena Loo said...

He's getting so big. Josh and I were talking about how fast time flies seeing him grow up.
He looks happy, healthy, and ready to learn! (good to see his shirt is on the right way too ☺)
Tell him good luck from us! We love him and all of you!