Thursday, August 26, 2010

'ook 'oup!

That is what Lila says every time I ask her what she's making.  For those of you who don't speak Lila-ese, I'll translate. That would be "Cook soup!"  (She leaves the consents off the beginning of words, which makes it pretty hard to decipher sometimes.)

I think this batch must be "cheese" soup!

Just like her brother and sister before her, if given a choice, Lila prefers to be in the play kitchen whipping up all kinds of goodies.  

I think I'll hang on to this picture for when she is a famous chef and they are doing a Chefography about her on the Food Network...


Emilie said...

That 'oup looks very dessert like. I'm sure it tastes even better.

Brooke said...

love the play kitchen. love the cheese soup picture. funny you should mention the food network. when jake was over here yesterday, he insisted that the recipe i used for the zucchini bread was paula deen's. made me laugh. what other seven {?} year old would even have a clue who paul deen was let alone have a taste for a specific recipe?