Sunday, July 8, 2012


One of Brian's favorite activities is to drive. He loves to go for long drives with no destination, just to get out and drive. I do not enjoy long drives unless there is something at the other end, a reason to drive there. Today we had a wonderful family outing to Promontory Point and the Golden Spike reenactment.
Brian enjoyed that it involved a significant amount of driving. I enjoyed the historically significant destination. The kids enjoyed going on an adventure to some place new.

Something very cool was that because this is a National Park we were able to fill out the form that gets Brian a special card that gives him lifelong free access to National Parks. There aren't many perks to having a permanent disability, but so far he's pretty happy with this one and the lifetime free fishing licence... now we just have to get him out there using them!

The trains were so beautiful and colorful, and check out that sky! Those clouds look like they are painted on.

The Central Pacific R.R.

The Union Pacific R.R.

Placing one of the golden spikes

Driving home the actual last spike, which was an ordinary iron one.

Lila thinks that because Brian brings his own seat where ever we go, she should get to use it too...

Jake and Lila holding a spike.

Kids and trains.

They liked the displays in the museum too.

We drove the auto tour where you get to drive along a section of where the railroad used to be and see how they graded and dug out the path. (Because Brian likes to drive.)

Cool dude.

Still having fun?

A marker commemorating exactly what it says. 
The two railroads were racing to see who could lay the rails the furthest and the fastest. The Central Pacific laid the most with 10 miles in a single day.

After sightseeing we took sleepy back roads until we got to Logan. We ate dinner at a yummy, little pizza place and then went to the USU campus and got some famous Aggie Ice Cream.

We also had a very nice gentleman take a family picture for us.

It was a fun, full day. 
We can't wait to plan some more day trips to visit places of interest close to home.


Mary said...

It sounds like a nice family outing! I still remember when we had the centennial celebration at the Delta railroad tracks when I was in elementary school. I thought it was pretty cool. :)