Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer vacation...

This last weekend I took the kids down to St. George. 

My knitting buddies Myra and Candice invited us to join them on their fun get away. Candice's parents have a house down there where we stayed, and oh my goodness! It is absolutely beautiful. (I am kicking myself because the one thing I forgot to pack was the camera...)  Anyway, three moms, eight kids, and a couple of totes of yarn. It made for one exhausting but still super fun weekend. There was a pool in the back yard, so the kids swam for three days while the moms lounged pool side and knit. The weather was beautiful, the kids well behaved (for the most part), and the company was fabulous. We can't wait to go again... and leave the children at home! :)

The most awesome moment for me came at the end of the one meal we ate out. We were sitting and chatting, waiting for the children to finish eating. Lila had been playing at the end of the table, going from one side to the other, when all of the sudden I realized I couldn't see her anywhere! I jumped up, feeling mildly frantic and rushed towards the bathrooms. I heard her crying and charged in to find her standing in a stall in the middle of a puddle and bawling her poor little heart out. I hadn't heard her say that she needed to go to the potty and so she went by herself, but didn't quite make it. I felt so horrible. I dashed to the door of the restroom and tossed my keys to Jake and told him to go grab me a package of wipes and a Walmart sack from the car. Then I went back in to the bathroom and started cleaning up Lila and the floor as best as I could. After several minutes I stuck my head out to see if Jake was back and found Myra and Candice practically rolling on the floor of the restaurant they were laughing so hard, and Candice trying to take my picture by the bathroom door. I couldn't figure out what about this situation was so hysterical until I turned around and saw that it was the men's room. In my defense I didn't notice anything that would have clued me into the fact that I was in the men's room. There were no urinals and there was a diaper changing station on the wall! Jake got back and I hurried to finish cleaning up Lila. (I also admit that I was much less worried about cleaning up the mess on the floor once I realized that it was the men's room...) I had nothing with me to  change her into so I borrowed Brian's brilliant idea and cut a couple of leg holes into a Walmart sack and turned them into a pair of plastic overalls to protect the car seat on the way home. We definitely gave our section of the restaurant a good show as we walked out to the car. Once we were in the parking lot Lila started model walking her awesome new outfit and sashaying her little behind all over the place. 

It takes a great deal of confidence to pull off a look like this, don't you think?