Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Independance Day!

One of my favorite traditions is going see fireworks on the night before. We go up to Eaglewood Golf Course with half of Bountiful and take a picnic dinner and some games and just hang out for three or four hours before. 

Sisters hanging out in the shade.

Jake tried to "taste test" almost every cookie!

Evie prefers the rice krispie treats.
(It's genetic, she gets it from Grandpa T.)

Lila loved to run up and down this hill by where we set up.

I took bubbles and it entertained them for quite awhile. Some of my cousins (Jon and Hilary) who's kids are pretty close in age to ours showed up after we'd been there for awhile and sat by us. It was a lot of fun because the kids ran around and played and entertained each other and the grown ups (and the boys, who think they are grown-ups) played Apples to Apples. 

The fireworks were great as always. The traffic is crazy afterwards, but we always come prepared for it. A movie for the kids and left over picnic treats to snack on and we had no complaints, even though it was almost midnight by the time we got home and people in bed!

The next morning Caite and I took my kids to the Centerville Parade. We haven't gone to a parade for a couple of years, but the kids really enjoyed it. And Brian really enjoyed that I let him stay home and sleep in...

The rest of the day we spent at my dad's. Swimming, bbq-ing, playing cards and watching Independence Day... because nothing says patriotic like alien invasions and cool fight scenes! The kids were all for finding another fireworks show to go to, but Mommy was too tired to face another big crowd. So we watched the Macy's fireworks extravaganza on t.v. in our pajamas instead. A perfect end to a busy holiday.