Sunday, August 12, 2012

Evie's 6th Birthday!

That's right, now it takes both hands to tell her age! That's quite a milestone.

Jake was so sweet, he stayed up late the night before helping me make some presents and setting up a treasure hunt for her to find her first present in the morning!

Reading the clues, I was impressed by the fact that she could do it all by herself!


Found it!

 Recognize the birthday sash? Yup, a tradition three years old and still going strong. :)

We wanted her to have one present to open in the morning since she'd have to wait until after dinner for the rest, and that can be hard when you're a kid.

A Fancy Nancy book,

and a Fancy Nancy dress,

for my Fancy Nancy girl.

We spent the rest of the day just hanging out quietly at home with Aunt Caite. Evie got a special treat by going on a walk with Caite to the Square and getting Orange Leaf ice cream and renting a movie. 

We went over to Pa Dave's for some swimming and grilling hamburgers for dinner. Finally it was time to open the rest of the presents. 

From Lila, a Hello Kitty book and some bracelets.

From Jake, some Squinkies and some earrings that he made with my beading supplies. (It was really so cute, he wanted so badly to make something for her, and as he was stringing the beads he said in a very masculine, matter of fact way, "I think these earrings are going to make her look fabulous.")

From Mom and Dad, doll clothes, a doll carrier backpack and an American Girl book about how to take care of your hair. If you'd like to see a doll fashion show of the clothes click here.

She got money from her Grandparents on both sides, so she and I are going to have a fun day of clothes shopping soon. 

Time for cake.

Happy Birthday to my six-year old sweetheart!