Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mother's birthday. We decided to celebrate by wearing yellow and having a yellow dinner, her favorite color.

Our lovely yellow decorations and lemonade to drink.

Her favorite flowers, daisies.

All yellow food:
Chicken with lemon and herb marinade
Golden fingerling potatoes
Yellow Squash
Yellow onion
Corn on the cob

It's been nice to spend time talking about her today without my children bursting into tears. And I think that she would really like that, that we are moving into a place where we can remember her without tears and sadness. Well, most of us. Lila keeps being confused when I talk about "my mom". She thinks I mean my grandma. I think she finally got it this afternoon. When Brian got home she ran to the front door to welcome him home and tell him all about the yellow party we were going to have. "It's mom's mom's birthday today! Oh... but she's dead." Brian quickly turned to check my reaction to this, but I just had to laugh because that's pretty much what I had to say to her to get her to understand why we were baking a cake today.

Happy Birthday Mom. 
We love you.
We miss you.
We were happy today.


Emilie said...

This is huge Chris. Your mom must be very proud of the life you are living. I have no doubt that she is thrilled in the joy you found in the day remembering her.


Amanda said...

What a fun and meaningful way to remember your mom.

Sarah said...

You make me happy. I'm so glad I know you. :)

April Weeks said...

I'm sure she is very happy and probably was there enjoying it with you.