Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spontanious Girls Night Out

So yesterday while at lunch with my mom and grandmother I had an epiphany. It struck me as really, really unfair that my husband was going golfing on Saturday of Mother's Day (let me emphasis that... MOTHER'S Day) weekend. I will give him points for not going every weekend, or more than we could afford, or things like that. But it really didn't seem fair that he was leaving me alone for the better part of the day to go play with the boys. So, since it was a little late in the day to object to plans that had been in place for 2 weeks, I hurried to see if we could arrange a Girl's Night Out. It was so much fun. (And thank you to my brother and brother-in-law for being flexible enough to let their wives go play.) Mom, Caite, Elena, and I went mostly window shopping at the Gateway, and to a movie (Baby Mama, which turned out to be really a cute, funny show and appropriate since half of us are pregnant.) and then to dinner. It is always a good thing to spend time with other grown-ups, it's nice to come home and hear how much my kids were asking for me. Evie threw her arms around me this morning and said, "Misss-ew mommy!" It's a nice reminder that I love being a mom and my kids are pretty great, when sometimes my perspective gets a bit off from being with them day in and day out for loooong stretches of time. Plus it is always fun to spend time with my mom and sisters. I have the coolest family and I love that we enjoy each others company. Thanks mom, for being the best mom and friend a girl could ask for.


simply kris said...

Lucky. I so want a pedicure. Do you think I can find the time? heck. I would love to go to the store by myself... sigh. Love that you spent a lovely evening with special people. xo, kris

Elizabeth said...

I am glad that you had a good Mother's Day weekend Girl's Night. Sounds like a fun night out, and you guys deserve it!