Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blog that Mom!

This morning as we were getting ready to leave for the day I asked my son if he had remembered to turn off the lights downstairs. This was our conversation...

Me: Did you turn off the lights?
Jake: Yes, but mom, here's the thing.... every night I turn off the lights when I come upstairs and then when I go downstairs to play the next morning they are on again!
M: Well, I guess that you are probably not remembering to turn all of them off.
J: No. Mom, we have an electrical problem.
M: (trying not to snort) Oh, hmmm.
J: Mom, do you know an electrician?
M: Ummm, no, no I don't think I do.
J: Well, don't we have one in the family?
M: No.
J: Wait! What does Uncle Brady do?
M: He is in hospital administration, I think.
J: Oh. Hmmm.... Oh, mom! I know someone who isn't an electrician, but he knows how electricity works.
M: You do huh? Who?
J: Pa Dave! I'm going to call him.
Fast forward through the part where Jake gets my cell phone and calls my dad to explain the "electrical problem" we are having. I then took the phone and explained why he was calling.
Pa Dave said he thought he knew what the problem was so I handed the phone back to Jake.
Pa Dave: Ok, Jake. I think that what is happening is the ambient RAM is malfunctioning during the down cycle.
Jake: Huh? What does that mean?
Pa Dave: It means that you forgot to turn off the lights.
Jake: Uh, ok, I gotta go.
Jake then hung up the phone and with a look of disgust turned to me and said, " He was wrong."

I manged to control the laughter long enough to call my dad back and tell him what Jake thought of his diagnoses. Jake was really on one today though. After running some of our errands we stopped at my parents and had lunch with them. Jake was sitting at the counter talking to my mom, my sister, her husband and myself. Patrick (Caite's husband) asked Jake how his watermelon was. Jake said, "I'm too embarrassed to tell you." Then he whispered in Caite's ear that he thought it was "water-licious!" All of the sudden he said, "I'm too embarrassed to say anymore words," and slid down from the bar stool. As he walked away he threw his hand in the air, with attitude, and said, "So put that in your blog." (Poor Mima had just taken a drink and just about snorted water out her nose.)


Emilie said...

How does he even know what an electrical problem is?! LOL!!!! That was hilarious!

Do you guys read a lot of blogs together?

Elizabeth said...

Every now and then there is a blog that I think is so funny I have Spencer stop whatever he is doing so I can read it to him...and this was one of them. Oh my gosh! I am always amazed at how smart (and funny) Jake is. The image of him throwing his hands in the air and saying "So put that in your blog" is still making me giggle.

simply kris said...

Oh Chrissy. He is Totally Awesome!!! (retro exclamation, I know, but I couldn't think of anything better to say.) Miss you. Did I tell you that I changed our blog to It's not blocked- just needed a change!