Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Morning 2009

Ready to see if Santa came...

...and boy did he!

Lila got her own dolly stroller and an Eebee doll. (He is from her favorite show to watch.) The doll house was for both the girls.

Evie got the baby doll she asked for, it says "Mama" and giggles and cries and even makes a sucking sound when the bottle is put to it's lips.

Jake got the Wii for the family that he asked for. He also got some books and a weaving loom. He likes to do craft things. He also got a new game for his Leapster, where you build your own amusement park. (It made me think of you Josh.)

Lila was off and running with her stroller. (The few times we could get Evie to leave her alone and let her push it herself...)

Pa Dave, Caite and Patrick came over to watch the kids open presents and eat breakfast with us. It was a very nice and relaxing Christmas morning. (It was also the first Christmas since we've been married that we slept in our own bed. Now that's a new tradition I am looking forward to continuing.)

We went to Brian's parents for Christmas dinner and had a nice afternoon playing with the cousins and opening presents. And as much as they like opening presents, playing with the cousins was the favorite part of the day.

I threw this picture in just because I love the face that Evie is pulling. She manages to look excited and crazy at the same time... she is just crazy excited I guess.