Wednesday, January 20, 2010

R is for... resurrection?

*Disclaimer* This is not as irreverent as it sounds.

My week for preschool. Our subjects were the letter R, the number 5, reptiles for science, gluing for art, and rules for citizenship. It was a pretty relaxed week because of the holiday we only had one day of preschool. Nice. It started off just fine. We did our workbook pages, and then we glued a Rainbow with 5 colors. We followed up by tracing feet and hand prints and numbering our fingers and toes, 'cause there are 5 of those! I was about to read a book called "See you later, Alligator" when Lila had a somewhat spectacular meltdown to announce that it was nap-time. I sent the preschoolers down to play in the toy room for a few minutes while I gave the baby a bottle and laid her down. All of the sudden I heard screaming and laughing, "Oh no! Oh dear! Hyrum is dead!... Oh hooray! Hyrum isn't dead anymore....Oh no, Hyrum is dead!.... Nope, not dead now." I have no idea what they were playing, but this went on for a good 4 or 5 minutes. And it made me chuckle and think, R is for resurrections. Okay, I guess my sense of humor is pretty irreverent.


Natalie said...

And yet that IS a funny story. :)

Sandra & Brent said...

I've had fun browsing your last few posts (as always!) Happy Anniversary Chrissy and Brian. I can remember your wedding day clearly and it was beautiful. I can't believe it's been nine years. Love ya, Sandra