Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wanna see my bear bum?

(Not what you were expecting?)

Three things I've learned today:

1) If Evie wears these tights to church she will end up asking someone that question.

2) No matter how early we start getting ready, we will inevitably end up being 10 minutes late to church.

3) It is much, much easier to pick up the dirty diaper than to spend the time to photoshop it out of the picture... but go ahead, guess where it was.

Evie became a Sunbeam today. She was so excited to graduate from the Nursery class and go to Primary with her big brother. (Jake told me she kept turning around and waving to him during Sharing Time.) She has been singing "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" for 24 straight hours and when we got out of the car at church she told me, "Mom! I am going to be a sunbeam! Because Jesus wants me to..."

(This picture made me chuckle. She isn't upset, she just had something in her eye.)


April said...

Really, your kids are just so cute and funny! I think I know where the diaper was... I enlarged the picture to find out though, you did an excellent job of covering it with carpet.

Emilie said...

Now you have two in the public eye! I can only imagine the stories you will shortly have to tell.

Good job on the photo editing! It took me awhile to find the spot.

Amanda said...

Grace had a pair of cute bear bum tights, too! She was too young then to ask people if they wanted a peek, though.

Justin was thoroughly disappointed with Primary. Did you know they don't have a single truck there? Oh, dear! Growing up is hard.