Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I don't know if is her age or just her personality but right now Evie is hilarious about 87% of the time. The other 13% of the time I want to toss her out the nearest window because she is severely testing limits. But then I would miss gems like today as she was practicing the new primary songs she learned. She was singing Book of Mormon Stories, only her version went a little something like this.

"Book of Mormon stories that my teacher telled to me, are about all the lemons in ancient history... give me this land, or I'll just leave!"

*snort, giggle, sigh*

Also today there was a tender sister moment when Lila was pitching a fit because I wouldn't let her play with the dirty dishes from lunch. I looked up to see Evie cuddling Lila's head in her lap and stroking her head while saying in a soft and sweet voice, "It's okay. Mommy just gets mad and yells at you sometimes. But it's okay, I am here."

*ouch! dagger to the heart*

Apparently I tend to yell a tad too often. When we picked up my cousin and her family from the airport on Sunday, Evie spent the ride home telling Steven that when she got big she would have her own kids, so she could yell at them! "Because that's what mommies do."

*double ouch! guess we know what one of my new year's resolutions should be...*

Jake is still holding his own in the funny department though. Today when he was doing his homework he brought me a flyer about getting free tickets to watch the U of U gymnastics team at a meet. He asked if we could go and I told him I didn't think that he would really like gymnastics. I meant watching them. But he said, "Oh you're right. 'Cause then I would have to learn to do the splits!