Thursday, March 18, 2010

Evie's Special Mommy Day!

Two months in and still going strong, I love this new tradition! This month was Evie's turn and I was having a hard time trying to figure out what to do for our special day out. Then I saw an ad on TV for Disney on Ice. Evie has become a Mickey Mouse fanatic this last year and I thought that would be an extra special treat! I started to look online for tickets and pricing, and my sweet husband volunteered to go to the venue box office on his lunch hour and buy the tickets to save us the $20 in "convenience fees" they were charging. Thanks Brian, for making it possible for me to have this one-on-one time with our kids.

My sweet Genevieve, I love this girl to pieces! She was sooo excited to get to see the princesses!

They told us that if you got there early they would have an area to "Meet the Princesses". I was thinking it was going to be along the lines of Disneyland where you'd get to wait in line to shake her hand and have a photo op... wrong! We got there way early to stand 4 ft. away behind a velvet rope while they stood on a stage and waved. Lame. If I'd known how it would be I'd have spent more time finding a better and closer parking space instead of walking 3 city blocks through a crowd waiting for a St. Patrick's Day parade... oh well.

I'd have also gotten us breakfast first, instead of overpriced cotton candy and popcorn.

Breakfast of Champions! It's all part of the special fun day, we get to bend all the rules...

Ready for the show to start! These were the four sections of the program, Cars, Little Mermaid, Lion King, and the new Tinkerbell movie.

Evie was so excited to see Mickey and Minnie! She spent the rest of the show asking me in a not too quiet whisper, "Mom! Who's coming out next?"

I have to admit, as much as I like the skaters, the Cars section was probably my favorite. It was so cool to see them driving around on the ice!

And they were fully animated, their eyes and mouths moved. I find that kind of thing fascinating to try to figure out how they make it all work.

(And a side note for Emilie, I totally teared up when it started and during the big finale... what is it with us and Disney?)

I was having a hard time telling if Evie was even enjoying it at all. She wouldn't clap or smile or laugh during the show, she just stared at the ice intently the entire time. But on the drive back she didn't stop talking about her favorite parts and seeing Mickey Mouse! (She is going to be so fun when we finally get to take her to Disneyland.) I guess she just didn't want to risk missing anything during the show.

I was excited because the night before Evie told me she wanted to get Chinese food for lunch. But then she changed her mind and we went to Arctic Circle. I wonder what age taste will finally trump a play land?

Hey Evie, how's that cheeseburger?

She loved the new purple bunny she got with the kid's meal, she wouldn't put it down for a second.

My cute girl, I just love how happy she is in this picture. I had to laugh because most days she never stops chattering at me, and when it was just the two of us she hardly made a peep! I was telling Pa Dave about it, and he pointed out that at home she is competing for my attention, and that day she didn't have to. So all I have to do to get her to be quiet is sit down and give her my undivided attention? Why didn't I think of this sooner?! Oh yeah, because I have more than one child...

One final note: I can see unlimited potential for entertainment with this fairy flower hat...

Sweet fairy baby.

Jake is a good sport even when his mom is making him wear a girly flower hat.

Proof that Evie has to do everything that her big brother does.


Emilie said...

Chrissy, Thanks for admitting to the welling of emotions. I don't think it's's the magic of Disney.

What a fun tradition! I REALLY need to start this.

Side note: we've been watching Big Bang Theory, and Sheldon has SO many expressions the remind me a lot of Jacob....that picture up there, seals the deal for me!

Sarah said...

Awsome. I so wish I could have taken G to that. Didn't work out for us this year. Maybe someday...

I cry during disney movies too...

Chrissy said...

Yup, I think it must be a little bit genetic. :)

Sheldon reminds me a lot of Jake too, usually when he is not understanding "social conventions". I love that show.

April said...

There are a lot of cute kids in my world, but truly your's are some of the mostest cutest ever. and since I'm saying that, there are a lot of cute moms too in my world. I'm happy to be able to see and share in your momness.