Monday, March 8, 2010

A special day with a special guy...

This post is long overdue, last month Jake and I went out for some special Mommy/Son bonding time. We had been having a rough patch, he and I. He was having a hard time listening and following directions (like many 6 year olds...) and I had been feeling a tremendous amount of guilt about how quick I was to snap and snarl at my boy. He had also been going through some really tough emotional times, dealing with missing his Mima Kim. I decided that it would do us both good to have a little one-on-one face time. So we set a date for the first Saturday in February and left the girls home with Daddy.

Me and my little man. Boy, I love this kid! So the rules of this day were that he got to make all the decisions. And I was going to relax and just enjoy rediscovering the world from his perspective.

We started off with breakfast at McDonald's. Hot cakes on Styrofoam plates... it was delicious. Then I just sat back and let him play on the playground until our next destination was open.

We went to the Gateway Mall. Jake was intrigued by the photography potential of these waterfalls, I actually have several pictures on my camera that he took. (I don't know if he was more interested in the water, or the fact that I was letting him play with my camera...)

Then we went to Build-a-Bear because Jake got a gift certificate for Christmas. I love that as much as he is a rough and tumble boy who likes to play ninja and pirate, he still is a tender kid who likes stuffed animals and can make a wish with all his heart.

His new friend is Mitchell the Monkey. He is a skateboarding monkey... that just makes me smile. I love the helmet and knee and elbow pads. Safety first.

After making Mitchell we wandered around the Gateway for awhile, poking into a few stores. Then we went to see a movie. "The Tooth Fairy", about a hockey player who becomes a tutu wearing tooth fairy, perfect entertainment if you are 6. And not too bad if you are hanging out with a 6 year old for the day.

Then we were on to lunch at... you guessed it... Mickey D's. (That's the risk you take in letting the kid make all the decisions.) It was actually quite fun to hang out in the chaos of play land with out checking my watch every three seconds to see if it was time to leave.

Not only did I sit back and watch him play, I wowed him with my amazing b-ball skills.

That's right, this mama's got some mad skills. Plus I was the only parent up and playing with my kid instead of yelling at them from across the room. I don't say that to be judgmental, only that it was a light bulb moment for me to remember how much fun getting hands on can be. All too often I am too busy being harried and frustrated with my kids, instead of just enjoying their company.

The last stop of the day was a haircut for him at Cookiecutters. And one last picture of my handsome boy. Thanks for such a fun day Jake! I love being your mom.

I had such a wonderful time just relaxing and going with his flow, that I decided that this is going to be a monthly occurrence in this family. Once a month I am going to take one of my children out for a special Mommy time. I want this to be a tradition so that as they get older they will still have room and time for me in their lives. Plus it will help me to stay in touch with each of them and their needs as individuals, and help me remember, even when they are at their worst, that I actually do like my kids.


Dinee said...

That is a great idea! It looks like you had a fun filled day and if you continue this, you are going to give your kids some wonderful memories. Libby already loves going out one on one with either myself or Tay.

Lawson Family said...

I think that's a great idea! I chance to get a way from the home managing position to just being a mom with her kid!

Emilie said...

Yet again, I have learned something valuable because of a blog. I have been trying to figure out HOW in the world to fit in A Day with Mom and A Day with Dad for each 4 children every month.

The solution. One child a month. Perfect!

Thank you so much!

April said...

Chrissy, that is the best! It will pay off in big dividends of lots of JOY for every one!

Amanda said...

What a great idea! I have done this on occasion, but need to make it a priority.

Elizabeth said...

What a fun idea that is! I love the fact that you ate two meals at McDonald's. Ha! Those pictures are very fun. I am sure it will be a day that her remembers for the rest of his life.

Mary said...

I loved seeing your special day. That monkey looks so fun!

I loved having daddy/daughter dates growing up. I'm sure Jake will treasure these memories.

Sandra & Brent said...

Well done, young mother of small children! Brilliant! Believe me, Jake will remember this day and forgot a hundred other not so great days. My mom took me to see a stage production of "Anne of Green Gables" at the Queen Elizabeth theater in Edmonton, Alberta when I was about eight. Just her and me. So thrilling. I've never forgotten it. I hope this continues to work out well for you. Love, Sandra

Mandy said...

Love the Monkey, and the McDonald's for breakfast and lunch too funny. Sometimes we forget that kids needs really are pretty simple, thanks for reminding me!

Lynae said...

That is fantastic! Good for you!