Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wedding photos

After all the build up and sewing I helped with for my cousin's wedding this last weekend I bet you are excited to see how it all came together.

Too bad.

These are the only two pictures that I have from the reception:

Evie "dancing" with Caite and Patrick. (It's hard to cut in when you are under 4 feet tall...)

Patrick with our cousin Tiffany's baby, Kaia. He is getting those daddy skills ready!

I didn't even get a picture of my cute kids all dressed up together.... or all together... or even dressed up for that matter. I did get a picture of each of them on the way home, from right to left across the back seat.

Lila, slumped to the right.

Jake, slumped to the right.

Evie, slumped to the right.

...that or Brian had just taken a sharp corner.

My aunt Lynnett did take a lot of great pictures. So I will hopefully have some pictures to share soon of us all looking nice, dressed up for the wedding. And at least one of Evie in her roll as flower girl. She was pretty dang cute with her way curly hair.